The founder of Ślepsk is Józef Wiszniewski, EngD

who still owns the company. The company was intended to provide construction services of buildings in the town, but a favourable period of economic development, as well as bold and effective investment activities have allowed for its dynamic development.

An important stage of the development of the company was the decision to expand through boat production. With the increasing demand for laminate products in Europe, and following effective cooperation with customers, further production halls were erected and the production of boats continued to rise. Soon, the first plant on Rajgrodzka Street, in the Augustów district of Ślepsk, was followed by another plant, the so-called „Z II” in Słowackiego Street. The constant development of the company, the hiring of further professionals and its broad experience have all shaped Ślepsk to be the company that it is today.

The period from 2016 onwards has been a time of investment and expansion for the company. Since that year Ślepsk has significantly increased its production capacity through the construction of new facilities – production plants Z III
and Z IV.

The driving force of the company is its staff of more than 1200 employees

including highly educated executives and office staff, specialists in the scope of lamination and assembly of boats, professional drivers and a resilient construction team able to complete all kinds of large-scale designs of large production and storage halls. Thanks to the wide range of our employees’ skills, the company can provide a comprehensive service to our partners

– from the construction of composite tooling to full boat production including transportation to the dealer. Production is supported by auxiliary departments which also provide services to external customers: the woodworking department, the black and stainless steel fittings department, the window and aluminium accessories department, the plexiglass forming department, and the vehicle repair garage.


Since the beginning of its existence, the Ślepsk company has enjoyed the reputation of a being family company. This results not only from the atmosphere within the company, but also from the fact that it is managed by the Wiszniewski family. The company's Management Board includes:

EngD Józef Wiszniewski – Owner

Marianna Wiszniewska – Owner

Michał Wiszniewski – Production Facility nr 4 Director

Dorota Rogińska – Marketing Director

Małgorzata Choroszewska – Financial Department Manager


The philosophy of subcontracting, which has guided the company Ślepsk from the very beginning, allowed us to establish long-term cooperation with well-known global boat brands.