Our Construction Company

Our main, and also our first branch of business, is the construction business of single and multi-family developments.

Numerous construction projects in Augustów and the surrounding areas have contributed to the gaining of trust and prestige among the inhabitants of the town and to the rapid development of the company.

In the early 2000s, more than two hundred people were involved in construction works, proving the scale of projects undertook at that time. Construction projects implemented by the company have become larger and more complex. Housing developments, as well as modern office buildings (Tourist Information Centre, the redevelopment of the Provincial Office in Suwałki for the needs of the PWSZ College, the construction of the Velvet Hotel in Suwałki, the expansion of logistics facilities for BMTI – a subsidiary of Strabag), and warehouses and production halls for our own purposes have all been constructed.

Even though the current main branch of production is focused on boats, “Ślepsk” is still able to undertake the most daring construction projects. The company’s experience, as well as the qualifications of its staff, guarantee the highest quality of services while meeting deadlines.

Our most interesting projects

J.W. "ŚLEPSK" has been a manufacturer of ready-mix concrete since 1994.

Experience gained over the years allows us to develop and improve our products. We have experienced staff, which guarantees efficient and friendly service.
Our deliveries of concrete are provided by our own transport.

We have 8m3 and 9m3 concrete mixers and a 24m and 28m concrete delivery pump.

1 C8/10 B10 S-3
2 C12/15 B15 S-3
3 C16/20 B20 S-3
4 C20/25 B25 S-3
5 C25/30 B30 S-3

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Krzysztof Dyczewski

502 514 528