The owner of Ślepsk and his family have all been passionate about sports for many years. Every day they are active: playing golf, football or volleyball and encouraging their employees and residents of Augustów to do so too.

It was in 2004, partly among the employees of Ślepsk, that the Ślepsk Augustów company sports club was formed, which laid the groundwork for the Plus League MKS Ślepsk Malow Suwałki team. The support of the team is one of the most important and most noted sponsorship activities of Ślepsk. In addition to volleyball, the Wiszniewski family has been promoting the sport of golf on their private golf course in Grabowo, where the Augustów Golf Club holds its tournaments. Ślepsk also provides financial and organizational support for the popular summer endurance boat race, called Necko Endurance.


Since its establishment in 2004, the Ślepsk Augustów Sports Club has climbed the league tables and changed the home court sites (Augustów, Raczki, Suwałki), its authorities, legal form, and name. The most recent change happened due to the move of the Club’s headquarters from Augustów to Suwałki. Today, MKS Ślepsk Malow Suwałki is a member of the highest Polish volleyball league, supported by more than 60 sponsors, with an annual budget of PLN 3 million and an exceptionally committed Fan Club.

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Augustów Golf Club was founded in 2003. As goals, its members set out to promote, develop and organise the game of golf in the region. The goals are carried out effectively by providing training among both members of the Club and non-members. The Club pays special attention to children and teenagers, working with schools and other youth organisations. Club competitions are organized at the private Grabowo golf course.

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An important date in the calendar of summer holiday events of the town of Augustów is the Necko Endurance World Endurance Championships. Every year, racing speedboats from all over the world arrive at Lake Necko to race on the lake for 8 hours while completing as many laps as possible. Not only has “Ślepsk” been financially and organizationally supporting this wonderful event for years, but it also enters the competition with its own crews, who bravely compete for the top positions.