Window Accessories Department

We specialize in the production of windshields for motorboats. In production, we use tempered glass, a powder-coated aluminum profile system, and a system of seals and accessories. We have many years of experience based on training that took place in the US. Each year, we produce more than 3000 sets of boat windshields for ten companies cooperating with us.
We work with highly qualified staff. Today in the Window Accessories Department, there are 50 workers, and many of them have been part of the team since the beginning of the workshop’s existence, since 2000. We produce windscreens both for the needs of our own production as well as on orders from third parties.
We work on the following materials: powder-coated aluminum profiles, tempered glass, PMMA polymethacrylate, foamed PCV, hard PCV, corian and Staron mineral-acrylic plates.

In the range of windows accessories we offer

ikona-st (1)

aluminium profiles bending

ikona-st (2)

plexiglass bending

ikona-st (4)

plexi glass polishing

ikona-st (5)

water cutting

ikona-st (6)

aluminium welding

Fittings Production Department

We specialize in the production of fittings for sailing boats, motorboats, and other components. In production, we use premium quality acid-resistant and corrosion-resistant steel. We have almost 20 years of experience, and our qualified staff guarantee the best quality. We produce fittings for both the needs of our own production as well as on orders from third parties.
We work on materials such as corrosion-resistant steel and acid-resistant 316L.

In the range of hardware production we offer

ikona-st (3)

bending of plates and pipes in grd. 316L

ikona-st (6)

welding of steel in grd. 316L

ikona-st (4)

polishing of steel in grd. 316L

Woodworking Department

Carpentry is an integral part of our company’s activities. We produce furniture and other wooden finishing elements for speedboats and yachts. In production, we only use the best materials. We have a whole range of carpentry machines, and our staff are carpenters with many years of experience.
We work on materials such as waterproof plywood and exotic timber.

Our carpentry offer


exotic wood elements (walnut, teak, venge) for yacht fittings.


custom cutting of plywood for boats or furniture, chipboard, MDF, plexiglass or StarBoard


wooden finishing elements


non-standard interior finishing (closets, doors, furniture, etc.)

We invite you to cooperate
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Ian Woodhall
Business Development Manager

518 328 029